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Prioritizing Physician Health and Well-Being

Where the Art of Striving, Meets the Science of Thriving.

Pressure in the medical world has never been higher and Physician Burnout is becoming increasingly common all over the world.  As a fellow physician, I witness a growing demand for Physicians to have an actionable, clear and easy way to prioritize their mental health and well-being while waiting for their slow to change healthcare systems to follow suit. Now is the time to take control of your own mental health, so you can start living and breathing easier in your daily professional life.

Begin Thriving and start the Conversation for Change

Certificate in Essential Mental Readiness

Preparing for a Life of Joy in Medicine

Essential Mental Readiness is an online course weaving the science of positive psychology and mind-body health with the art of physician health and well-being and the mental readiness skills provided to military personnel, so that you can create a community of thriving physician educators and clinicians unencumbered by the weight of daily clinical practice and work-life integration. We aim to teach you the tools and skills you need to go North of Neutral and turn that lifelong skill of striving into a sustainable, self compassionate Thriving

Lifestyle Membership

Get Healthy, Build Community, Leverage your Strengths

The Lifestyle Membership is for Physicians who want ongoing support and community while they navigate Foundational Practices for Mental Health including monthly movement classes and nutrition for mental health, resilience seminars using the B3 positive psychology system, physician healing circles and meditations, and physician health and well-being research reviews and resources, all under one easy to access platform. Lifestyle Community Membership will be accessible to Physicians who completed the Certificate in Essential Mental Readiness.

"I can’t help but think as physicians we need to do more. We are a powerful group. We need to stand together and as a group say never again. We need to push for changes to make our lives better. Physicians are dying from suicide, being murdered at work and leaving as a result of burnout."

-Anonymous Physician

"How much more must we sacrifice?
How much more of ourselves subjugated
To serve those who scorn our offering
Must not stop
Must finish what you start
Roars for perfection, omniscient and omnipotent
And always with a smile
And humility
Despite the abuse from all sides
A tiny but powerful voice whispers in the circle:
When do I commit to me?"

-Dr. S. Laabs Family Medicine

I  want to prioritize my  health and well-being 

Teach me the science of Positive Psychology so I can Strive to Thrive.

"One of the most significant changes in my life has been my relationship to my mind. We’re still living together, of course, and we remain friends, but my mind and I are no longer codependent. I am slowly but surely gaining my freedom.” 

- Wes Nisker

"Our beliefs create our thoughts, and our thoughts, of course, create feelings and emotions, and those create actions, and our actions create our character, and our character creates our destiny"

- Gandhi

I want to Thrive

I want to learn How the Science of Positive Psychology can Help me

                              About CPW 

Centre for Physician Wellness was born out of the idea that you can find Joy and Meaning in Medicine before retirement, and that our training and practice lead to certain occupational hazards that if we recognize, we can leverage when necessary and learn to pivot towards more well-being and health when not needed. It is our mission to teach you the tools and skills you need to go north of neutral in medicine and in life.

  Meet Dr. Irina     

Founded by Dr. Irina Mihaescu, a Psychiatrist in clinical practice, Physician Advocate and Well-Being Specialist, Dr. Irina brings her years of mind-body training and expertise in a one of a kind program that integrates the art of physician health and well-being with the science of positive psychology and resilience, medical education, and mental readiness training provided to military personnel. She weaves together her experience of facilitating meditation and self-compassion circles with  her passion for transforming adversity and pain into opportunity and personal growth. 

Physician wellness and why it matters

Possession and Applicability of Signature Character Strengths: What Is Essential for Well-Being, Work Engagement, and Burnout?

Self-regulation capacity is linked to wellbeing and burnout in physicians and medical students: Implications for nurturing self-help skills

Meeting the Imperative to Improve Physician Well-being:
Improving health and performance is critical to successfully meet the challenges facing health systems.

The impact of mindfulness‐based interventions on doctors’  performance: The well‐being of doctors is at risk, as evidenced by high burnout rates amongst doctors.

Our mission at Centre for Physician Wellness is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for physician health and well-being through mutual respect and recognition, in a safe comprehensive educational environment that is evidence-based, and seeks to reinvent the status quo of what it means to find joy and meaning in medicine and beyond.

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